Thursday, January 8, 2015

FB Diva Friday Chronicles - Author Jennifer Ehidiamen

It is my delight to welcome an Award Winning Writer/Author who has claimed the title of "Outstanding Nigerian Youth Leader".  She is a profound intellect and soul whose depth of vision and clarity far exceeds one so young.  When looking for the next generation of impact makers for Black peoples worldwide be sure to include the name Jennifer Ehidiamen to your roster. 

Chronicles: Hello Jennifer thanks again for being so gracious and accommodating in agreeing to share with the Chronicles readers your story.  If you would, please give the readers a little background info about yourself and what is happening with Jennifer Ehidiamen.

Jennifer:  If every child came from their mother’s womb holding an item that signifies what they will do in life, I think mine would have been a pen and a writing pad. So on my right hand, I’ll be holding a pen, and on my left-hand a writing pad.                            read more  >> 

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