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Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett

Hello! Once again it's time for another FB Diva Friday Chronicles: I am particularly excited this week to welcome a person who truly is helping make dreams come true, and that would be Literary Agent Vanessa Grossett. 

Chronicles:  Hello Vanessa, welcome to FB Diva Friday Chronicles. Please share a little background info on yourself for the reading audience.

Vanessa: I was born in Clapham Common, South London and raised in a Catholic household. Though I am the only child I was never lonely, I spent a lot of time with my cousins, and friends. I went to the best schools, at the time as I grew up in quite upper class areas Fulham and Battersea. After Sixth Form College I went to University and graduated with a BA honours in Journalism. I volunteered as a reporter for various magazines and newspapers, until I got a press office job. 

A few years after I became a born again Christian, my desires grew for creative writing, in which I took a course in. I wrote my first book called "Don’t Look Back – The Harmful Consequences for Backsliding", which was released in the year 2010. 

Chronicles: You're listed as a literary agent. Please explain to the readers what that is and how did you embark on that profession. 

Vanessa: A Literary Agent is a person that represents authors. Just like actors, and singers have representatives it is the same with authors. Most people think a Literary Agent just sells manuscripts to publishers, but it is more than that, agents do manage their career. I personally like to get involved in all aspects of my clients career by promoting them, helping to improve their manuscripts, and giving advice where needed. 

As a Christian based agent I even pray with my clients, which may seem rare to some, but to me it is important to keep God in the center in what we’re doing.Being an agent was not my first career choice; though I was very good at writing stories in my English classes, I actually wanted to be an actress; I especially had an interest in being a casting agent for actors. But over time my passion for writing overtook my desire to be in the performing arts. Though I wrote my book I still had more of an interest to go to the management side of things, this was confirmed to me when two friends wrote books and asked for my help in publicizing it and helping them to find publishers, I thoroughly enjoyed helping them to do this. After doing my research I knew my destiny was to go down the route of being a Literary Agent. I had a strong passion for this career, which was definitely God given. I applied to publishers, and even at Literary Agents for jobs but I was getting nowhere, I felt frustrated, and wanted to give up, but in my heart I just couldn’t. Thankfully in 2010 I was given a chance to volunteer as an assistant with Literary Agent Pauline Barnes, who is now retired. In 2013 The Authors Care Services was born and through Gods grace has been growing strong. The website is 

Chronicles: You have specific guidelines for the type of client that you service.  Please share why it is important for clients to maintain their faith even in the face of much material success. 

Vanessa: The Bible states ‘What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul.’ Mark 8:36, none of us is going to live in this life forever, and we all have to give an account to God on how we lived, whether we want to or not. 
It is important to remember that the same God that gave us
our success can take it away. Look what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel, he was a very proud man because of his success. God had to humble him, and remind him that He was the one that gave him his wealth.Also we need to be an example to others. We need to show people, we can still have a good fruitful attitude in our success, and it is our faith in God that is helping us to do that. Reputation is important, I personally don’t want to be remembered as someone who grew proud and had a bad attitude as soon as I became materially successfully, I want people to say yes she had success but her faith in God was much more dominate. She was still kind, and loving. I want to hear those words ‘Well done thy good and faithful servant.’ 

Chronicles: So tell us a little about your authors.  

Vanessa:  I represent non fiction authors, Abby Kelly, Trudy Harder Metzger, Sunny Shell, Anna M. Aqunio, and Dr Dee Stokes.My fiction authors are Parker J Cole, Lynnette Roman, Jannette Fuller, Kristen Wells, and Allyson Carter. Anna M. Aqunio also writes fiction.

These are wonderful and talented ladies, who uses the gift that God has given them to write encouraging and inspiring books. Some of them have even been on the Amazon bestsellers list, and a number one Amazon bestseller. They market themselves very well, and through God's help
He has rapidly grown their careers.

Not all of my authors are new to the business, however some are. Some publishers and agents won't take on new authors, simply because of time and money. Yes I understand this is

business, and of course you need to make a healthy income. After all one has bills to pay, maybe even staff. Their business is their income. But how I look at it is, you never know what a person can become, especially when God is involved. When God connects you with people He does it for a reason. He will take care of the rest that includes the finances, because He has divinely connected.

My authors have many, many testimonies of how God has rapidly grown their career, and I know He will continue to.

We also work with great publishers such as Electio Publishing, and Spilce Publishing. Oh yes I cannot forget we have worked with Bettie Young Books as well.

 Chronicles: How can readers support or promote your authors? 

Vanessa: Readers can buy their books and tell others about it. However I believe my authors will agree with this, it would be great if readers can connect with them. Visit their websites, send them an email, my authors are not just interest in making profit from their readers; they want to get to know them. They are wonderful ladies that like to give back as well, so I would encourage readers to really connect with my authors, so they can get to know them.

 Chronicles: As a close to this mini interview, explain in your own words what the two phrases “Divinely Inspired” and “Victoriously Ascending” mean to you? Answers don't have to be long...just be honest, I understand that everyone will not have the same response. 

Vanessa: My Divinely Inspired – Victoriously Ascending Statement will have to be from the scripture, Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 

Chronicles: Proverbs 3:5-6 certainly covers it all Vanessa; wonderful connection. 

I'd like to thank Vanessa Grossett for such an heartfelt and inspiration visit with FB Diva Friday Chronicles this week.  Be sure to visit with us next week when, once again, we will have another impactful leader in the world of business, network marketing and internet social networking. Until then always remember: 

"Divinely Inspired; Victoriously Ascending...Diva!"


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